"who doesn't love the south west?!"

we are so grateful to be living in what has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, the south west region of w.a.

we came for the change of pace from busy perth, and of course the beaches, cliffs, surfing, walking trails, whale watching, boating, fishing, snorkeling, wine, great fresh food, craft beer and so much more! the kids love it as much as us and we couldn't imagine living anywhere else!

we are passionate about freshness, quality & helping mother nature so all our packaging contains recycled paper pizza boxes and plates. we are soon starting our own bio-diesel operation so our vehicles run completely on bio-fuel rather than traditional petrodiesel from the bowser. this not only saves money but uses 100% recycled oil that would otherwise need to be thrown out (often ending up in and near the waterways - yuk!)

everyone loves pizza, but we believe it's even better when it is made like we do. our love is for everything local, fresh and organic - this is what makes all the difference with our pizzas. But it's more than that, it just feels right for us to serve produce from our local area as this ensures optimal freshness and supports local businesses and families.

we can also see for our own eyes where the produce comes from and the treatment of their animals - this is something we are truly passionate about (we financially support animals australia and humane society international in their amazing work for the protection of animals and public awareness of animal rights issues). you will see a donation tin on our tables when we set up if you feel like getting some good karma.

we love the south west, it's beautiful places and awesome people and we genuinely look forward to bringing you the best this region has to offer, in 60's retro style!


steve & victoria
peace pizza dunsborough

dine in

come in to pick up your wood fired pizza or feel free to relax and enjoy our friendly warm little shop or eat out on the terrace.

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subject to staff availability
dunsborough $6, eagle bay, bunker bay, yallingup & quedjinup $14 (min. order $60)

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we can cater fresh wood fired pizza at your next event. timmy our wood fired trailer is available for private catering.

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dunsborough park shopping centre

dunsborough, w.a 6281

9756 7270